Little bit of back history, 20 Navy service member learned to tattoo while I was in active duty to make some extra money.  Deployed several times around the world learning more about the work that I became more passionate about the longer time went on. 

Some years later finally got an apprenticeship with a local tattoo shop and learned everything that I could from them to earn my way in the industry.   I took what I needed from the their teaching and again deployed over seas once again. This time to Afghanistan for almost a year.  Practiced my craft even more while I gone even still. Upon returning I retuned to yet another popular tattoo shop learned what I could from the other artist, then started to make my own style and build my cliental.  Eventually I worked through several other shops and created a following as any good artist should.  Finally coming to the decision of starting my own shop while traveling with my family one day and came up with the great idea of doing a mobile tattoo shop while sitting in traffic one day looking at a mobile pet clinic.  Thinking to myself if they can do this so can I.  1 year later we opened our doors with a mobile tattoo parlor that started slowly with business but as a good business does build up momentum quickly.

So here we are 4 years later and still moving forward. Taking the next step to bigger better things. Now reaching upwards towards the next big thing is coming up with a line of clothing that represents my shop.  With all that said we welcome you come and join us in our next journey.